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My name is Dustin. Don't worry about my last name because it's exceedingly German and impossible to pronounce. I like to design websites (I'm actually pretty good) and I like to create weird, unique, and sometimes off-color graphics and put them on t-shirts. Sarcasm is my most commonly spoken language and my brain is filled with useless knowledge and movie lines.

Seriously though, ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I am an honest, hard-working, and never settle for less than my best work. You will quickly discover my attention to detail - though I do enjoy life's simple pleasures... and beer (insert shocked face and beer emoji).

Ok, enough about me. Keep scrolling!


Hometown grown. Somewhat edgy. Ridiculously simple.

 In the suburbs of Philadelphia, born and raised... 

I grew up about an hour north of Philly and I am a new resident of RVA as of late 2016. My designs draw inspiration from where I've lived, who I've met, what I like, and basically anything that pops into my brain when I put pen to paper. I think you will find my work edgy, unique, and awesomely simple. Enjoy!

Web Design

I do websites. They function. They look good. 'Nuff said.

In my time as a designer, I have done everything from building websites from scratch (hand-coding them) to updating and modifying pre-existing templates– many of which have long since expired. Unfortunately, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can create a website these days with the popularity of WYSIWYG editors (like Wix) and content management systems (like WordPress). Luckily for me, there is still a need for a seasoned designer to oversee website design and management. Here are some websites I am actively working on:


The internet is a huge place. It's about time you used it to your advantage.

I've spent a lot of time on the ole' Interweb and understand the value of marketing. I'm sure you get at least one or two emails a day (it's more like 10+ for me) from your favorite store or big box retailer. You might have even noticed those "sponsored ads" on your social media accounts. Well, that's modern-day marketing.

In today's world, it's not so much about how many people you market to but how many of those people interact with your marketing (eg. buy your products). Social media has single-handedly taken over the marketing world and if you are a business owner and do not have at least one social media account; you might as well not even exist. Seriously!

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Feel free to connect with me via my various social media channels. That is probably the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with me. If you prefer to use email, just drop me a quick message in the form below and I'll respond promptly!

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