I've spent a lot of time on the ole' Interweb and understand the value of marketing. I'm sure you get at least one or two emails a day (it's more like 10+ for me) from your favorite store or big box retailer. You might have even noticed those "sponsored ads" on your social media accounts. Well, that's modern-day marketing.

In today's world, it's not so much about how many people you market to but how many of those people interact with your marketing (eg. buy your products). Social media has single-handedly taken over the marketing world and if you are a business owner and do not have at least one social media account; you might as well not even exist. Seriously!

Facebook alone has almost 2 BILLION active users; many of which spend at least an hour a day browsing their news feeds, updating their statuses, and interacting with others. I mean, where else can you tap into a market THAT large at literally the push of a few buttons...? I could go on and on about the values of social media but that would make this page incredibly long and who really wants to read that much content anyway.

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